The Thomas Alan Budd Flow Through Foundation was established in 2007 at the Calgary Foundation as a way for Thomas Budd and his two sons, Dillon Thomas Budd and Payton Leigh Budd, to show their generosity and to help others by giving back to their communities.

Following the tragic deaths of his sons, Dillon Thomas Budd (2015) and Payton Leigh Budd (2017), Tom continues to support others.   As a memorial to his boys, to demonstrate how much they meant to him, and to continue helping others in their memory, Tom supports charities and charitable activities in Kelowna and the surrounding communities through The Thomas Alan Budd Foundation Funds (an endowed and a non-endowed fund). The Foundation grants to a wide variety of charitable purposes of Tom’s recommendation throughout the year.

For those who wish to help support the giving initiatives of Thomas Alan Budd through the Thomas Alan Budd Foundation Funds (non-endowed), please go to the Donate Now page using the link below.

Managed by the Calgary Foundation. All donations received are directed by Thomas Alan Budd personally.

Founder:    Thomas Alan Budd