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Retired Investment Banker, Survivor of Tragedy, Philanthropist & Public Speaker. Providing hope to others #lifeisworthliving #givingbackmatters






“I have known Tom literally since he moved to Kelowna. I met him through our good friend and politician MLA Sindi Hawkins who has since passed. She has left both of us with a wonderful friendship.”

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“Tom and I hit it off, right off the bat.  He, as a new person in Kelowna and I as a long time Kelownian who likes to embrace with open arms new people into our community, especially someone like Tom Budd, who incidentally I did not know a thing about the day I met him. Sindi said “Come meet Tom” at the Lance Armstrong event and so I did!

Now, more to the point as to why I feel Tom is a benefit to our community and also why he is a great guest/keynote speaker for any event.

Not only is Tom a Philanthropist (Thomas Alan Budd Foundation) he is truly a genuine person through his philanthropy. This means that even though he has the means to give generously to the community, he gives with his heart openly with no strings attached. This is often hard to do for most, but Tom does it genuinely.

The above is exactly why he excels as a speaker for any event. I have listened to Tom in tragedy and happiness. It takes a special person like Tom to feel the tragedy in his life, but now to embrace the events and help others moving forward.

I do not mean that his tragedy will help others, I mean through his eyes, either sad or happy people WILL listen and embrace his meaningful words.

Tom is now moving forward in the future of his life and willing to give to others with his speaking and knowledge. I would be pleased to recommend him to any person or organization who asked me to give a SEAL OF APPROVAL!”

– Maxine DeHart (Kelowna City Councillor)

“Tom Budd has been a keynote speaker at several of our events raising awareness about mental health, grief, loss and addiction, that Tom has experienced over a diverse life journey and successful career.”

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“Tom has learned much about the qualities it takes to live a resilient life, he uses the experiences that have impacted and shaped him to discover the qualities it takes to live a life that brings hope, peace and true satisfaction. Uniquely qualified, and comfortable speaking to diverse audiences, Tom will captivate and challenge your group to live a more intentional life, or corporate executives looking for meaning and purpose.”

– Ken Stober (Founder of Third Space Life Charity )

“In 2018, I had the great privilege of hearing Tom Budd speak at a luncheon for the Cancer Centre. Rarely have I been as moved as I was listening to Tom’s words. The room was over-flowing and you could have heard a pin drop as he recounted his journey. He spoke from the heart and a place of anguishing experience. I came away profoundly inspired with a higher sense of purpose and Tom received a resounding standing ovation. I highly recommend Tom as a keynote speaker!”

– Nicole Rustad

“It is with genuine sincerity that I recommend Thomas Alan Budd; known to many as Tom Budd as a speaker to any event!”

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“Tom is a great inspirational speaker!  His capacity to show his humility and vulnerability in sharing his heartbreaking story will have the impact any organizer would ultimately desire their audience to hear first-hand.  His  ability to share the hard lessons he continues to live each day is a great testimony of Tom’s determination and perseverance to live life with passion that is challenged each day!

I am recently retired and have had the pleasure and working with Mr. Budd as a generous donor, sponsor and speaker at our signature event for the BC Cancer Foundation in Kelowna and prior to that with the United Way of the Central & South Okanagan Similkameen over the past fifteen years. “

– Cynthia Waldek-Peters

“Over the past 10 years, I have come to know you, Tom, as a man that has made his community his purpose. I have counted on you for your business wisdom, your sage advice, your experiences to help, leadership, friendship, and your philanthropy to support our community.”

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“Tragically, your world changed with the heartbreaking death of your sons, Dillon and Payton. Our meetings are different now; as are your speaking engagements. You share your story with compassion, heart, and commitment that is compelling to your audience on every level. I have seen you reach out to others, knowing it would be painful for you. Amazingly, your life experiences, both at the board room level and today, are all wrapped up in your delivery, as these have made you who you are. You speak with passion, wisdom and raw experience. Your audience is captivated by your compelling messages and guidance within the community. Thank you, Tom, for your strength to continue to forge forward, touching, and impacting so many lives as you share your journey through your touch, direct contact and speaking.”

– Gail Harrison (Cops for Kids Charitable Foundation)

“Thomas Budd graciously agreed to speak at an event that I was involved with called “Mysterious Barricades” which is a cross country initiative.  Thirteen concerts take place from St. John’s to Victoria and are live streamed.  The concerts promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention.”

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“Mr. Budd spoke about the suicide of his sons Dillon and Payton, about his continuing journey through grief, and his work to strengthen mental health in our communities.  Listening to him talk about his pain with such raw honesty was deeply moving and made a visceral impact on everyone in the room.

I witnessed that day the profound courage of a man who has suffered unimaginable loss.  Mr. Budd understands that by showing his vulnerability and sharing his pain he is truly helping those that are suffering themselves or have lost a family member through mental illness.  He is the bravest man I know and through his words he will make a real difference wherever people are able to hear him. “

– Rosemary Thomson

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